Buddha apparently said „The mind is everything. You become what you think.“ Einstein proclaimed that „E=mc2“. Hence the more energy you add, the more mass at more speed you get. Sounds like the same principle…

To me, the mind is an important tool. I use it every day to make a living. But then, when I turn the key on my S1000RR, awaken the 200HP and start riding, my mind goes blank and gives way to an energy flowing from my root chakra and flooding my heart with joy. No thinking, no need to become anyone or anything. It’s one of three things that clears my head and makes me feel alive. The other two are jogging and *censored*.

I am a geek with an attitude and these days mostly running around with suit, tie and black cowboy boots. Most Geeks and Nerds would probably call me a traitor, but as I just said: it’s the attitude that counts. And the hacker’s manifesto claims that hackers are hackers not because they wear T-Shirts but because they have a special way of thinking. Being a hacker is like being a HD-Driver: it’s a way of life. (BTW, I dodge HD’s because they are too easy to hack. Modern Japanese and European motorbikes are a lot more fun to modify…)

I’ve been in the computer and internet business for almost 30 years now and have gradually morphed into an information security and risk management professional. So, I guess I am at best an average geek cause I am not afraid of a unix shell but I tend to avoid using it if possible. And it’s been a heck of a long time since I used one too!