Dummy entry – testing part 2

Using Ulysses as single writing solution seems tempting.


Now, let‘s put an image here:

Famous 90s NR 750
Famous 90s NR 750
  1. want to mod the CBR to look like the NR
  2. need some fixes
  3. some painting
  4. minor upgrades

From Ulysses to WordPress

After the hoster did some configuration #updates to my WP instance, I can now publish directly from Ulysses. That seems #interesting. Remember to review WP settings and activate some of my #plugins!

Welcome to your blog…

…I said to myself after the installer completed its job. I had thought about opening one multiple times already but never got past tinkering around and eventually deleting everything again.

Now that I agreed to administer a site for some friends, I decided to have one of my own in order to have a playground and an opportunity to learn a few things so as not to screw up their site putty download , haha.

I have no idea where this will lead to and also no plans nor a concept for this site. It might turn into something useful for me or maybe even for others.