S 1000 RR

The master image on the start page is my previous motorbike, a 2012 BMW S 1000 RR. It was a „OMG, I need to have this crazy monster!“ reaction when I saw it online over winter 2016. It was a used, all black RR with a superbike handlebar. I added a slightly taller windscreen and the optional LED turn signals. If it weren’t already mounted, I would have considered the Akrapovic muffler. It was also fitted with a slightly larger sprocket which sacrificed a handful of km/h top speed. But it gave it a smaller handful of less time required to go from 0-100, muhaha!

When I bought it, it had some 15’000 km down the road. Spec sheet says the inline 4 makes 193 HP but since BMW tends to be pessimistic with their engine specs, I guess it had around 200! Most tests performed, as far as I read, went towards 200 HP anyway. But even more impressive were the 115 NM of torque.

I loved the black beast. Until that day in 2017 when I came home from a ride and it started to wind and rain. I was somewhere in the hills around Sternenberg on a not so fresh road when I rode over some tarmac repair patch and the front wheel started to slide! I managed to stay on the bike but it left a lasting impression. I had only around 30 mph on the clock but somehow it made me realise what a monster I had between my legs. Riding it on the Autobahn in Germany, going 180 km/h was much less frightening. Heck, it was not frightening at all – but this little episode made me think. Funny!

2 months later, I returned it and got my self a BMW R nine T Scrambler. End of story 🙂